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DDE Law is Regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.  Company reg. No. 6743194   SRA reg. No. 515999

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When commercial disputes arise, clients require them to be resolved as quickly and cost effectively as possible.  This may mean court proceedings, but often disputes can be resolved by less adversarial means, such as mediation.  Whatever the issue, DDE Law Solicitors is well placed to implement the most appropriate and effective resolution for any given case. 


Property Disputes

The turbulent property market has seen a marked increase in property related disputes.  Our team has experience acting for various clients, both developers and purchasers, in a number of the difficult cases to have come before the court recently particularly in relation to specific performance of property contracts. 

Construction Disputes

Construction disputes are a specialist area in which our team can offer a wealth of knowledge. Our skilful has extensive experience representing clients’ interests in High Court litigation, arbitration and adjudication proceedings arising out of misapprehended construction contracts. 

Company Shareholder Disputes

Many very successful businesses in the UK are owned by a relatively small number of shareholders who are sometimes family members.  What happens if the shareholders fall out?  Our team has successfully negotiated in a number of such cases, for majority and minority shareholders, in securing what often amounts to a “commercial divorce”. 

Planning and Environmental Disputes

Commercial enterprise inevitably involves activities which impact on the environment.   With increasing public and political awareness of environmental issues and a greater degree of environmental protection there is an increasing trend towards litigation.   The actions and activities of private individuals and commercial enterprises can lead to disputes with regulatory authorities, owners of adjacent properties and subsequent owners of land.   This can lead to prosecutions, commercial actions and judicial review of decisions by statutory bodies.   We have considerable experience acting on behalf of clients in a range of sectors in disputes which include claims relating to the discharge of material to land, water and air, nuisance actions, actions relating to the bioremediation of contaminated land and the enforcement of environmental warranties.

Professional Negligence Defence & Claims

Regrettably some problems arise due to a lack of care on the part of other professional advisers.  Our experienced team is well acquainted with prosecuting claims on behalf of clients against solicitors, accountants, architects and other professionals.  We also routinely defend claims made against such professionals on the instructions of professional indemnity insurers. 

Debt Recovery and Insolvency Advice

It is often said “cash is king” and this is particularly true when the economic climate is uncertain.  Our accomplished team is adept at taking swift and decisive action on behalf of creditors who are owed money by suppliers.  In addition, we are knowledgeable and competent in advising clients who find themselves in financial difficulty and in need of rescue. We will design a sophisticated solution for all your debt recovery needs. We can in fact carry out most non-disputed company debt recovery on a no-win-no fee basis. We also have specialist knowledge of recovering ground rent, service charge arrears and insurance costs.

Company Restructuring

Our Commercial Clients often find that their businesses are structured for times when there was a greater economic certainty. We at DDE Law Solicitors can assist you in making your business more flexible by renegotiating contracts on your behalf. We can also assist you in realizing assets from your company and negotiating better terms with your creditors.

Helen Dugdale LLB (Hons)    Janine Doolan LLB (Hons)    Andrew Egerton LLB (Hons)